I'm Victorya
- An ordinary man who loves Computer Science and Mathematics
My portfolio...
Direct Automize V3
Facebook Automation Android App - Commercial Project
Founder, Lead Developer
• Android application that automates Facebook account to post, react, comment, join groups, extract friends information, etc
• Lead a team of 4: delegate tasks, organize meetings, centralize ideas, design structures & system flows, etc
• Build the Android app using Python, Kivy Framework, and Buildozer, and use Flask & MySQL for back-end and database
• Implement automation with Android shell command, Facebook GraphQL & API, and native HTTP request
• Cross compile critical Python code into Android native binary (armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a) using Cython and Android NDK toolchains
• Secure login system & user data using AES, RSA, and SHA256
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Direct Automize V2
Facebook Marketing Tools Window App - Commercial Project
Founder, Full-Stack Developer
• Build the Window software with VB.NET, and PHP & MySQL for back-end
• Does the tasks by automating the browsers, Facebook GraphQL & API, and native HTTP request
• Automate browsers and inject JavaScript using Selenium WebDriver
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JX2 Online Character Auto Action
PC Game Automation & Customization - Personal Project
• A Python application that automates online game character’s actions and modifies the memory process
• Using memory viewer software (Cheat Engine) to scan for specific memory pointers and assembly instruction location
• Allocate new memory space, read, write, modify, and execute assembly instructions in the game process
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Direct Proximize
4G Modems to HTTP/HTTPS Proxies - Personal Project
• A Window software that turns 4G Modem network interfaces into web proxies with ability to block and manipulate contain of certain URLs
• Built with VB.NET and Titanium Web Proxy library and host public proxy using Reverse SSH Tunnel with linux server
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Web-based Facebook Instant Game - Personal Project
Full-Stack Game Developer
• Cambodian cultural web-based Instant Game that got 15M total players
• Coded the entire game from scratch using JavaScript and JQuery including rendering, animation, sound, and user events
• Integrated 3D scenes and objects using Three.js, and in-game face changing and face morphing with OpenCV back-end
• Implemented with math and physics formulas to make some animations look natural
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COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0 - Highlighted Project Award
Lead Developer
• Real-time Covid symptoms map, daily symptoms report, and contact tracing inside Facebook Messenger Bot
• Lead a team of 3: delegate tasks, centralize ideas, design system flows
• Built with Facebook API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Leaflet.js, Jquery, PHP, and MySQL
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Facebook Online Hackathon 2020 - 3rd Place Award
Full-Stack Developer
• Online tutoring service integrated inside Facebook Messenger Bot
• Match student and teacher with a price offer and availability
• Built with Facebook API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, and MySQL
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